Alfa Pizza Oven Starter Kit

Find out how to best use your wood-fired oven with the official Alfa Forni cookbook.

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Alfa Pizza Oven Starter Kit is a careful selection of pizza-making tools including:

• Pizza dough box
• Dough cutter
• Infrared laser thermometer
• Pizza cutter
• Chopping board
• Oven mitt and apron
• Alfa cookbook

    Get the most from your pizza oven with premium-quality accessories


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    Why Alfa Pizza Ovens

    Quick & Easy

    Simple to install and use, Alfa pizza ovens heat up in as little as 10 mins and cook a pizza in 1–2 mins.

    High Quality

    Alfa pizza ovens are handcrafted in
    Italy from heavy-duty materials, using patented Forninox™ technology.


    Alfa pizza ovens are not only great for pizza, but also bread, roasts, fish, vegetables, puddings and even as a BBQ!


    With an elegant and timeless design, Alfa pizza ovens fit seamlessly with any decor.