Introducing Heat Genius™ Technology

Alfa cooks toppings at one temp, crust at another

Alfa's technology trifecta!

  • 1 | Authentic HeatKeeper™ Firebrick

    1 | Authentic HeatKeeper™ Firebrick

    verses ordinary lava stone or ceramic

    This HeatKeeper firebrick, made in
    Rome, Italy, absorbs and stores heat far better than the lava stone or ceramic used in other pizza ovens. This is crucial to baking a crispy, moist crust at precisely the right temperature, quickly and
    without burning.

  • 2 | DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® Insulation

    2 | DoubleDown Ceramic Superwool® Insulation

    verses ordinary rock wool insulation 2 (or no insulation at all)

    The space between the two stainless steel walls on an Alfa Pizza Oven is filled with DoubleDown Superwool® insulation. This offers up to twice the heat resistance compared with rock wool insulation used in other artisan at-home pizza ovens. Heated is maintained for perfect pizzas.

  • 3 | Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®

    3 | Patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®

    verses ordinary "up and out" chimneys

    Other pizza ovens exhaust precious heat out the chimney. Not Alfa. Thanks to the
    patented Full Effect Full Circulation Flue System®, hot air circulates fully around the chamber and is driven back down to where it can heat the firebrick and pizza. This ensures the right temperatures to bake both crust and toppings.

Heat Genius™ Technology

The perfect combination: Forninox technology

  • Design Performance

    The innovation of Forninox™ technology consists in
    combining the excellent physical and thermal
    properties of steel with those of refractory brick,
    the material used to build professional ovens.

    The steel structure ensures adequate resistance
    to the thermal and mechanical stress caused by the
    high temperatures reached by the oven.

    Insulating the dome with two layers of ceramic
    fibre instead allows the temperature to be raised
    very quickly and held for longer, gradually releasing
    the heat and achieving optimal cooking.

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