Can I contact you to ask for clarification about the use of the oven?

Of course! You can get in touch with us at any time by:

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Are Alfa ovens covered by warranty?

All our ovens have a two-year warranty covering all types of failure due to malfunctioning parts, manufacturing problems or premature wear even if these events rarely occur.

I am at home with my new oven, what now?

To install an Alfa steel oven, follow just a few simple steps:
Place the base of the structure.
Insert the chimney cowl into the flue.
Put the chimney cowl and the flue into the dome of the oven.

How are Alfa ovens different to a regular oven?

The key to a perfect Italian-style pizza is to cook it quickly at a high temperature; regular ovens simply don’t get hot enough. Alfa ovens can reach temperatures of up to 500°C, allowing you to cook pizzas in as little as 90 seconds.

How should I fire the wood-burning oven for the first time?

When lighting the wood-fired oven, it is necessary that the heat be built gradually up to a temperature of about 300 °C to dry out the moisture and to gently “season” the oven refractories so that they can deliver superb cooking results.

What is ‘Forninox™’ technology?

Alfa patented Forninox™ technology ten years ago, and it has since enabled us to manufacture high-octane stainless steel and brick refractory wood-fire ovens. This technology allows us to combine a stainless steel structure and outer later, with refractory bricks for the base and lining, so that our ovens reach the high temperatures required in less time — and maintain the heat for longer. This not only means Alfa ovens have much lower energy consumption than competing products, but have a reduced weight for easy mobility.

How can I light my Alfa oven?

Build a fire in the centre of the oven using some sticks of dry kindling then add some pieces of hardwood as the fire gets going. Then add some logs of about 5–10 cm in diameter to form enough embers.

Of course, the bigger the oven, the more firewood you will need to reach the cooking temperature. In the larger models, we recommend moving the fire all over the oven floor to heat it evenly. Use dry, seasoned hardwoods to avoid dense, black smoke that could ruin your dishes.

What sized ovens are available?

Alfa ovens come in a number of sizes, with capacity ranging from one to five pizzas.

Are wood-burning ovens simple to use?

Alfa steel ovens are simpler to use than traditional refractory ones as you can manage fire more easily thanks to their compact structure that allows hot air to circulate inside them and to maximise heat while baking. In addition, the low weight makes them suitable for a variety of uses.

Where can I install the Alfa outdoor ovens?

Virtually everywhere. The steel ovens come in a mobile version with casters for using them on the terrace, in the garden, then putting them indoors during the winter months. Our range also features small-sized models for smaller spaces.

What can I cook in the Alfa ovens?

Pretty much everything. Thanks to the very high temperatures they reach, Alfa ovens are particularly suitable for baking Neapolitan pizza in about one minute at 450 °C, but nothing prevents you from using them at lower temperatures to cook bread, roasts, fish, vegetables, and puddings.

How do I clean my oven?

Keeping your oven clean guarantees safety and better performances. Between two baking sessions just scrub the oven floor with a brush to remove food residue and burnt flour; for a deeper cleaning, let the oven cool and use a damp cloth to wipe burnt food away. Remove the ashes with a metal shovel when the oven has completely cooled down.

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