Cover For Alfa Moderno/Classico 2 Pizze Oven

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Protect your investment with a cover made specifically for your pizza oven. These form-fitting oven covers are specially designed to protect the Alfa ovens from the elements when not in use.

The cloth covers are made of an innovative material that is UV ray-resistant, waterproof, breathable (prevents condensation), thermal, resistant to bird droppings, resins, and sea salt, practical, and easy to handle.

When not in use, it's always best to cover your pizza oven to keep it in perfect condition!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The countertop oven cover is available for Oven Tops Only. The cover requires you to remove the chimney to fit.

Assembly & Specs
Cover For Alfa Moderno 3 Pizze Oven

Get the most from your pizza oven with premium-quality accessories


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Why Alfa Pizza Ovens

Quick & Easy

Simple to install and use, Alfa pizza ovens heat up in as little as 10 mins and cook a pizza in 1–2 mins.

High Quality

Alfa pizza ovens are handcrafted in
Italy from heavy-duty materials, using patented Forninox™ technology.


Alfa pizza ovens are not only great for pizza, but also bread, roasts, fish, vegetables, puddings and even as a BBQ!


With an elegant and timeless design, Alfa pizza ovens fit seamlessly with any decor.